Monday, February 15, 2016

Manwe the Panther - March 2016!

I am proud to announce that Falstaff Books, a new and cutting-edge genre publishing company,  recently purchased the rights to Manwe the Panther and his nine-part saga a few weeks ago! I've been sitting on it until now, and for good reason: the cover has arrived!

Cover by James R. Tuck
This first volume will collect the first three Manwe the Panther stories, including:

"The Gem of Acitus" - Originally published by Mocha Memoirs Press
"A Light in The Dark"
"By the Tears"

I'd like to thank James R. Tuck for turning out a badass cover, John Hartness and Jaym Gates at Falstaff Books for taking on this project, but more importantly, I need to thank the luminaries, causes, and reasons for Manwe, his story, and the message:

I wouldn’t have written this if I didn’t have voices like Octavia Butler, Charles Saunders, Nigel Tranter, Ursula Le Guin, and the Occupy Movement. I still remember the day when I saw two young women get pepper-sprayed exercising their rights, or my friends being hassled by authorities because of the color of their skin, or having to watch friends and family in the LGBTQ community sit next to people who spewed hate at them, only to have their own fears silence them.

My parents raised me to be better, not “better”. This goes out to them too.

Finally I would like to acknowledge Immortal Technique, who opened my mind to what is going on around me and offered the courage to follow suit. Thank you for your music, your words, and your inspiration.

And of course, I want to thank all of you.

March 1st is coming quick. Follow me on Twitter @JayRequard and I'll see you soon.

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