Monday, May 30, 2016

CONCAROLINAS 2016 and Falstaff Books

Hi all,

So I've been away from the blog for a bit. The reasons for that are myriad, but the biggest among them is that I took a position as the founding Editor as a small genre publisher called Falstaff Books, the same publisher that released my recent eBook, Thief of Shadows - Manwe The Panther Volume I.

During that time I've sank knee deep into more reading that I've ever had to contend with and that has caused me to put the blog to the wayside while I work on other authors's work, getting Manwe II out, and also working small freelance gigs here and there while I search out a full-time job. I'm doing fine, all things considered, but it has forced me to look at the blog as something different than it once was. I don't necessarily have the time to go out and interview, though I do have some lined up that I will fulfill before DragonCon 2016. I also have one or two reviews, as well as a lot of stuff lined up for Falstaff. This is all the while working on getting a website up for our publishing company and making good on the contracts we have signed authors to. There are also two podcasts in the works that are going to be very cool.

There's just a lot to do.

That being said, I'm going to try to do more around here more often. Things at Falstaff are going great, when all is considered, and I'm currently editing some of the best work I've ever read. Thief of Iron - Manwe The Panther Volume II is almost ready to go to the proofreader, and then Manwe III will hopefully be out before DragonCon, plus something else that is coming down the road that I can't speak on until it is a done deal. I feel like this is the year my career as an author really kicks off, and there are some really exciting things ahead for Jishnu, as well as the other projects I'm working on. I've rediscovered a love for The Craft that I think had flagged for a bit.

Business aside, ConCarolinas is just around the corner and this year I will be appearing as a guest! Below is my panel schedule! (Panels that I am moderating will be in italics! Exclamation points!) 


6:00 PM - Afrofuturism - Carolina C


10:00 AM - Small Press Spotlight: Meet The Publishers - Carolina A/B

3:00 PM - RetroRetrospective Podcast - Blue Ridge Room (upstairs!)

6:00 PM - The Business of Marketing Your Writing - Carolina A/B

7:00 PM - In The Towers' Shadow - Carolina C

10:00 PM - Race as Race in F/SF - Carolina C


9:00 AM - Epic Questing - Carolina C

2:00 PM - Are We Working Too Hard? - Carolina A/B

See you there!