Saturday, July 8, 2017


I am proud to present in its completed form THE SAGA OF THE PANTHER.


This has been long in the making, but I couldn't have made this possible without Falstaff Books, John Hartness, and my editor Melissa McArthur Gilbert, who made this three years worth of work more than I could have imagined and then some. Of course I need to thank my wife who has and remains my biggest fan and supporter. Huge thanks also needs to be given to James R. Tuck, who once again turned out an amazing cover.

But beyond those I have to thank, there are those that should be remembered. I wish I could tell you that the terrible inspiration behind Manwe's story doesn't exist anymore, but we still live in a world where Philando Castile is shot in front of his little girl because...well, none of us will ever know why we let the jackboots win, but they won't win forever. I wrote this book because I wanted certain things I'm not so sure about anymore, but I remain certain the world still needs justice, and compassion, and ultimately goodness for all, no matter who they are.

Remember Philando Castile. Remember everyone that was unjustly killed, or fired from their job because they did not fit the status quo created by those in power. Remember your family, friends, loved ones, and yourself--remember that you're worth your own rights to freedom and the chance to love and be left alone.

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