Sunday, May 14, 2017

The Mossed Edges aka "Fangorn" by Jay Requard

A lot of stuff is happening with the blog, which is the reason it hasn't been updated. More on that when there is something to speak of. However, I'm back to writing weird fantasy poetry!


The Moss Edges aka "Fangorn"
By Jay Requard

Fangorn Forest by Isidora

Northern symphonies sink within high-mind joys,
racing the green strip to stars set at sun’s tide,
endless, and endless, and endless…

I slither like the skywalkers, a shivering serpent,
smoky songs low in my throat while shadows shift,
forever the shadows shift on…


Time halts at the edge of a white bank,
the Ent’s hands grinding herbs between his bark.
He looks up from the lump he makes,
wondering how much time he wastes by the stream.

Far off the wanderer presses through the forest,
a bowl burning in his lips,
knowing that stars lie ahead on the other side.

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